Visit Glasmagasinet in Oslo: Shop luxury brands and Scandinavian designs

No matter how you arrive to Oslo, you are likely going to want a physical memory of this city. With its bustling streets, diverse history and cultural tourist attractions, there is something for everybody. But where to start? Whether you opt for walking up and down Karl Johan before darting off in various directions (aiming to experience the whole city) or have done some research on what you’d like to see, you might find that Glasmagasinet has got many attractions for you – including tax free shopping.

Food and drink
Cousins Kafé and Espresso House
There’s no fun in shopping when you’re hungry and thirsty. So how about starting your shopping adventure with a little snack, or a tasty lunch?

Cousins Kafé (Cousins Café) recently had its official opening, to which several notable people attended: Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway was there alongside the Oslo mayor Marianne Borgen. Cousins Kafé serves ecological food – and has their own ice cream factory. You will find all this on the 3rd floor in Glasmagasinet.

Espresso House has taken Oslo “by storm” – and Glasmagasinet is one of the places where you can get your tasty beverage and sandwich or a slice of cake. Sit down or have your meal “on the go” – after all, there is so much to see and do!


Norwegian design
Heimen Husfliden, Illums Bolighus and Bellas Hus
Want a souvenir from Norway, but not a fan of the trolls and the moose teddies? Heimen Husfliden might be exactly what you are looking for. Here you can explore the “bunad” traditions of Norway and get a small souvenir from the shop. Or perhaps you’d like to get the material pack – for sewing your own bunad?

Norway is renowned for its classical, clean designs – it might seem we have distilled our weather and decided to use it creatively.

Illums Bolighus is known for its curated selection of high-quality furniture, home decor, lighting, and lifestyle products. Established in 1925, Illums Bolighus has become an iconic destination for design enthusiasts and homeowners seeking stylish and contemporary Scandinavian design, and you will find the flagship store over 4 floors in Glasmagasinet.
At Illums Bolighus, you can find a wide array of furniture pieces, including sofas, chairs, tables, and storage solutions. The store also features an extensive collection of home accessories, such as decorative items, textiles, kitchenware, and tableware, all reflecting the minimalist and functional Scandinavian aesthetic.


One of the great – and quite unique – features of Glasmagasinet is how seamlessly each shop neighbors the next. This warehouse is a great place for finding inspiration, whether you seek Nordic-made designs or want to discover the international trends too. At Bellas Hus you can get both streams of inspiration and find products fashionable Norwegians enjoy furnishing their homes with.



The sustainable way with i Sustain 
Looking for that one unique find to show off at home? Whether you are obsessed with sustainable fashion in combination with secondhand treasures – or perhaps have a family member with a special talent for finding the secondhand goods; i Sustain has got your back! Here you can indulge in the joys of shopping with a clear conscience. i Sustain buys clothing from people who have moved on to different styles – at the benefit of us all. Now might be the right time for a shopping spree!


Feel good, look good
Kicks Flagship Store, Adam og Eva

Many of us know the feeling of having forgotten a makeup product at home: Oh no! To help you look your best, Kicks Flagship Store has a wide range of makeup products for sale. On the shelves here you’ll find both luxury products and the more affordable variants. Perhaps you want to try out something new from the flagship store?

Adam og Eva is there for you when you’re having a bad hair week – or just want to try out a new hairstyle. Come by for a haircut, or the specialized hair products recommended by professionals.  Or maybe this is the right time for you to giive your hair a little extra care while you’re on holiday?


Have fun – take care of your memories!
Elkjøp and Oslo Foto
Vacations can take its toll on the technology you brought along for the trip. Whether you need a new phone, a headset or camera – or perhaps just want to try out a little gadget – Elkjøp is there for you! A broken Kindle or malfunctioning smart watch cannot stop your vacation joys when you can find the replacements right in the shop.

Oslo Foto is one of the few traditional photography stores in Oslo, where you can get film for your analogue camera, send the film back for processing, and order both big and small prints. With all the sights to see in Oslo, this might be your most visited store during the vacation!


Centuries of great shopping experiences
Glasmagasinet is one of Norway’s oldest department stores: Since 1739 they have been a permanent fixture of Oslo. This brand has followed the times – good and bad – and provided their customers with great retail experiences.

With more than 280 years of history, this isn’t a small expectation to live up to – but we are honored to see customers choose us again and again.

Welcome to Glasmagasinet, for a pleasant and luxurious shopping experience!


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