Welcome to Glasmagasinet

Honorable Glasmagasinet hides many treasures, and it’s history as a department store dates back to 1899. The magnificent building in the heart of Oslo represent something truly unique.

A place for everyone
Glasmagasinet is a place Oslo residents and visitors associate with gifts and high quality products. It’s a house of opportunities – here you will find something for everyone. Your dearest, a colleague, friend or maybe you want to treat yourself with a nice gift.

The old and beautiful atrium is refurbished and located in the heart of Glasmagasinet.

Scandinavian design
There is a new chapter in Glasmagasinets history. In it’s earlier years, the department store was known for being the go-to-place for tableware and glassware. Now, they also offer a broad mix of Scandinavian design, quality products, fashion, beauty and wellbeing.

Take a trip to the Norwegian concept store, Heimen Husfliden, which specializes in Norwegian craftsmanship and traditions. Here you can find anything from old Norwegian knitting and weaving-products, traditional costumes or the popular Norwegian trolls.

Illums Bolighus, a danish interior chain, has their Flagship Store located over four floors. They offer a wide selection from the best of Scandinavian and international design, and can help with everything you need for your home.


The Museum of Norwegian Occasions
This summer you can visit The Museum of Norwegian Occasions, which is situated at Glasmagasinet. See what Norwegians do on Fridays (Taco-Friday), find out what Easter Crime (påskekrim) means and how they celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day (17. Mai).

Here you can experience unique Norwegian occasions, traditions and learn more about how Norwegians celebrate extraordinary, fun, special and even weird happenings.

Tax free
All the shops at Glasmagasinet offers Tax Free Shopping.


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